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Sep 12, 2018

Our guest this time around is Aidan Wachter, talismanic jewelry maker and author of the recently released “Six Ways: Approaches & Entries for Practical Magick”, which is the basis for our conversation here today.

This book really struck me in some feel spots as I was reading through it, and you will hear a bit about why and how it did that. Six Ways is a handbook of practical sorcery and magic, as Aidan knows and works it.

He says that, “Magic and sorcery have many definitions, and will have many more as we move as a species forward through time. The basic idea is that there are ways of being and interacting in the world that allow for certain kinds of communication, the production of change on both internal and external levels, and the development of what could be called 'special skills and talents'. These are psychic powers or arts, in the old usage of the word: meaning 'relative to the soul, spirit, mind'. These arts of soul, spirit, and mind come down to us in various ways. They come as full-blown systems of magic or witchcraft, as religious practices, as shamanry, as tales and ideas surviving via folklore, song, and literature.”

And if you’ve been listening to the show here for a while, it should come as no surprise that that description, which comes directly from Aidan’s book, is firmly my jam, as the older kids like to say.



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  • How to get into a trance state
  • Finding your magickal voice and magickal aesthetic
  • The concept of sacred fear or holy fear
  • Aidan’s advice on reclaiming yourself and your power
  • Names for our punk band





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