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Sep 27, 2018

And the plot just continuously thickens. Or maybe it continually thickens. I still don’t have this grammar thing down.

Anyway, I’ll tell you who does have the grammar thing down. William Shakespeare. Or Shack-speare. Or Shake-spears. Whoever that is, whatever that is, you can’t deny the utter brilliance of those plays and sonnets. And you can’t deny that the Shakespeare authorship mystery is one of the more intriguing cultural conundrums that we know of.

But our guest this time around takes the authorship mystery and turns it up to 11. His name is Alan Green, and he’s worked for the past 15 years trying to solve not only who was Shakespeare, but what was Shakespeare. That’s resulted in one book, with two more on the way, and several videos and multimedia presentations available on YouTube.

You will come to know a lot about Alan over the course of the next couple hours, because this is a bit of a different chat than I’ve heard from Alan before. And the Patreon extension here is well worth $2, or more, a month. It’s chock full of good shit, as they say where I’m from.



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  • More about the mathematical constants found on the cover of Shakespeare’s Sonnets & their connection to mystery schools, secret societies & John Dee
  • Thales, who was Pythagoras’ mentor and whom the Thales Theorem is named after, and how that theorem connects to the Great Pyramid in Egypt
  • Yet-to-be published work from Alan, including his work on the world’s first crossword puzzle, which as you might guess, connects to the Shakespeare mystery and the Enochian table constructed by John Dee and Ed Kelley
  • How Alan’s background in music prepared him to comprehend the mathematics involved in his research
  • More about the Rosicrucian connection to this story. Hint: rose gold
  • And then we asked the most important question, not who was Shakespeare, but what was Shakespeare. Hint: bath





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