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Oct 24, 2018

You won’t find too many people who work in and around paranormalia like our guest this time around. His name is Joshua Cutchin, and he’s the author of the recently released Thieves in the Night: A Brief History of Supernatural Child Abductions.

Thieves in the Night deals with complex and delicate issues pertaining to human sexuality, reproduction, mental health, and gender, with a particular focus on the Faery Faith and the parallels to UFO and extraterrestrial abduction experiences.

And as Josh himself notes in his intro to the book, this should be treated as a thought experiment and launching point for further discussion and debate of the paranormal, rather than objective truths. Which is an approach I can absolutely get down with.

And get down with that approach Josh and I most definitely did.



Listen at

  • The story of the Tailor and the Changeling
  • Changeling analogs in the alien hybrid theory and other spiritual and Fortean phenomena
  • More on mental disorders and changelings
  • The Sasquatch analog/connection to the fae/alien abduction motif
  • Josh’s next book, co-authored with Timothy Renner and tentatively titled Weird Bigfoot
  • The phrase fairy tale and what Josh thinks that really means
  • Some of Josh’s favorite abduction anecdotes from the book





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