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Nov 21, 2018

Stefan Kiesbye is the author of the recently released novel Berlingeles, a dystopian cyberpunk story that conjures up names like William Gibson, Philip K Dick, Franz Kafka and the television series Black Mirror.

Stefan teaches creative writing at Sonoma State University in Northern California and Berlingeles is his sixth novel. It’s set in a future Los Angeles that has been walled in, much like Berlin back in the day, and follows the stories of Gaz, a rising member of the city’s most notorious street gang, and a 96-year-old man known only by the letter K.  

Here’s a line from the synopsis of the book: “Seeking a way out of this hellish maze of sweeping slums, waves of violence, and little hope, Gaz might just have found his path to salvation, while the underworld hangs on the prophecies of blind prophet Gerut, and the rest of the lost city still smolders in the ashes of a civil war.”

And a story like that, with themes like this, combined with Stefan’s background, made for quite the chat, so hopefully you take something positive from this. Maybe the following dialogue will help you tear down whatever wall has been built around you.



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  • More about the virtual & augmented reality
  • Religion & divination
  • The future of the little things
  • Pop culture in the future
  • Lizard people & labyrinths in LA
  • Stefan chooses a city to wall himself in & the three books he’d take with him





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Vestron Vulture - “I Want to Be a Robot (Tribute to Giorgio Moroder)”

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