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Mar 5, 2019

Returning guest Douglas Rushkoff is back to spit some hot fire about his latest book, Team Human, a manifesto written with one goal in mind: to remake society and culture in our image and in our favor; to reconnect with ourselves and with each other; and to return to our roots as the social creatures we truly are, with face-to-face interactions IRL, as they say in the not-so-social media.

For those of you don’t know Doug or didn’t hear him way back in episode 17, he is perhaps the most accomplished guest to grace the airwaves with me. He’s an award-winning author, broadcaster, and documentarian who studies human autonomy in the digital age. He hosts the popular Team Human podcast, has written more than twenty books, contributes regular columns to Medium, CNN, Daily Beast, and the Guardian; has made two PBS Frontline documentaries; and has also coined such concepts as “viral media” and “social currency.” He’s also a research fellow of the Institute for the Future, and founder of the Laboratory for Digital Humanism at CUNY/Queens, where he is a professor of media theory and digital economics.

This chat is Doug firmly in his element, riffing on topics such as technology’s antihuman agenda, digital and social media, spiritual pursuits, language, nature and art. You will absolutely hear why Doug was named one of the world’s ten most influential intellectuals by MIT.

There’s no Patreon extension this time due to the length of the chat, so this is the full show for everyone. I originally did have about 20 minutes of it chunked out for an extension, but based on the material, I just wanted everyone to hear it all. And hear it all I hope you do.





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