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Apr 1, 2019

Welcome to part two - let’s call it P2 - of a continuing conversation with blogger Recluse. This one is long overdue, which is my fault not scheduling it sooner.

Recluse blogs at, where he explores topics such as mind control, deep politics, the occult, the supernatural, high weirdness and Forteana in all of its fucked-up forms.

This chat builds off our chat from last June, which we recap at the start of our conversation so I won’t repeat all that here, but this is about one of the lesser known and lesser discussed sources of power in times both past and present. We started with the Knights of Malta and now we’re spiraling out into some other related groups and their ties to governments, organized religions, banks, multinational corporations, intelligence agencies, killers-for-hire and mafiosos across the world.

This is very much still table-setting, just another information dump, but it is chapter two of a story that brings together the church’s historical interest in the occult, population control and political subversion. It is, as Recluse has called it, a strange and terrible journey into the heart of the deep state.

A quick note on Recluse’s audio: he was on a landline, and while he is clearly understood, there is some interference at times, and I’m pretty sure the line was tapped as well. You will definitely here some audio oddities in the background while he’s speaking.

But what’s a strange and terrible journey into the heart of the deep state without them monitoring your every move along the way? So let’s make like one of those Catholic bishops and move up and to the right, where novels by Dan Brown and Dave Eggers set the stage for not-so-fictional narratives playing out in the shadows of a mass near you.



Listen at

  • The American Security Council and its ties to Le Cercle
  • The Mellon family’s low-key role in American sociopolitics
  • The International Committee for the Defense of Christian Culture
  • Le Cercle’s “worldwide spiritual offensive”
  • Opus Dei’s possible connections to Rick Santorum, the Penn State football scandal and the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia
  • Donald Trump and his mentor Roy Cohn’s ties to the Knights of Malta





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