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Sep 11, 2019

Alan Abbadessa is one of the minds behind, a multimedia web platform dedicated to nurturing and exploring the art of synchronicity. If you’ve ran in these circles online long enough you’ve surely come across their books or videos or podcasts. 

Alan is here to talk about one of The Sync Book’s latest projects, a docu-series he’s producing called Hindsight 20/20, the first episode of which is online now. It’s called 9/11 Spider-verse, and it explores a cinematic world where 9/11 conspiracy theories are just the tip of the iceberg.

This episode is going to spider out and spiral out from 9/11 and explore the legacies of the Loose Change and Zeitgeist films as well as the synchromystic subculture and post-postmodern artistic movement these films may have spawned.

One note on the chat from a sound quality perspective. Alan’s computer was out of commission, so we had to record via phone, plus we just recorded this on Monday, September 9, and I wanted to turn this around quickly because of the subject matter, so I did not edit nearly as much in post-production as I normally do. This one sounds more like a RAW episode, so please excuse any umms, uhhs, longer-than-usual pauses or any annoying mouth or breath noises. If you can get past those things, this is one conspiritaining chat.


Listen at

  • 9/11 as a synchronistic mystery
  • Why syncs may be appearing in popular media
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey as a massive sync with 9/11
  • The role of the monolith according to the website 2001: A False Flag Odyssey
  • The implications of studying synchronicity and how to incorporate this way of magical thinking into your daily life





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