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Oct 17, 2019

Phil Hall is the author of, among other titles, a book called The Weirdest Movie Ever Made: The Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film. Phil is a film writer whose work has appeared in The New York Times, New York Daily News and Wired, and he is the host of the podcast “The Online Movie Show with Phil Hall”, which is available on SoundCloud.

What Phil has done in this book is look at the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film from a technical filmmaking standpoint and as a cinematic and cultural artifact. He also looks at the men who made the film and the details of their story before, during and after their infamous Bigfoot footage became a meme.

We’re not too interested, for the purpose of this discussion, in the “authenticity” of the film. Whether the footage is real or a hoax doesn’t matter. Because this is a piece of art whose impact can be felt beyond belief systems. At the end of the day this is just a film, a movie. And as Phil says, it’s perhaps the weirdest movie ever made.




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