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Jun 7, 2017

In this episode, a chat with Dan Willis, one of The Disclosure Project's top secret military witnesses. A little bit of everything in this episode: extraterrestrial disclosure, deep state infiltration and mass media manipulation, mind kontrol, quartz crystal technology, the sacred geometry and memory of water, how to properly structure water, and love love love.

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Dan testified at the National Press Club in Washington DC in 2001 in front of major media outlets. This National Press Club event was a world disclosure event that was asking for a congressional hearing in order to bring forth witnesses and scientists from within government black projects in an effort to release technologies derived from extraterrestrial reverse engineering that have been hidden for nearly 70 years, technologies that could stop further damage to our planet. But instead, the message delivered by those who testified that day was sanitized by a controlled mainstream media.

Dan’s first-hand experiences, as well as his research into the historical indicators that have been purposely omitted from our education system, reveal an infiltration of unwarranted influences operating behind the secrecy established for the US national security system, a system that is used to indoctrinate the public, control their opinions and form their perceptions of an "agreed upon reality", all done in order to hide illegal operations and cover up the true nature of our reality.

Dan is a veteran of the US Navy, an ex-radio broadcast engineer and former ABC newsman who has taken a keen interest in how the mainstream media has withheld information from the public. Not only has Dan been involved in the Disclosure Project, but his personal and professional interests also led him to the work of Dr. Marcel Vogel, a former research scientist for IBM who Dan became an associate of. Dr. Vogel did pioneering work in human-and-plant communication experiments, which then led him to the study of quartz crystals and the creation of faceted crystals for therapeutic use. Dr. Vogel’s research into the therapeutic application of quartz crystals also led him to the investigation of the relationship between crystals and water, where he discovered that he could structure water by spinning it around a tuned crystal, altering many of the characteristics of the water and converting it into an information storage system.

As I said, this is one hell of an episode. We get into all of this and a whole lot more, if you can believe it.




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