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Jan 15, 2018

Our guest this time around is John le Bon. We’ll be talking about Bitcoin and some of the more curious aspects of it, including its relationship to this thing called Tether, crowd psychology and some more conspiratorial angles involving Saturn and the Illuminati card game.

John is what he calls a deep skeptic. Here’s a bit from his bio: Since coming to prominence in the so-called ‘truth movement’ circa late 2014, JLB has developed (and attempted to share) a method of research he describes as ‘deep skepticism’, whereby even the most fundamental truths people generally take for granted are evaluated on an empirical and logical basis, and no field of inquiry is considered taboo.

John does have some pretty controversial material out there on his website and YouTube channel, and he’s ruffled a few feathers, and we will talk a bit about some of that at the beginning of this chat here because I wanted you guys to hear a sample of John’s overall skepticism and his approach to the topics he researches and writes about. Make of it what you will, but once we get into the Bitcoin portion of the discussion, this one really takes off - to the moon, some might say.




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