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Jan 23, 2018

Some of you may remember Michael Joseph from episode 50, where he interpreted my natal chart for me, and then we rambled on about a few other things, including this idea that there may be more beyond what we consider the occult. A fun chat all around, one that I was extremely grateful to have, all things considered.

But this one here is - well, there are some parallels, but it’s also quite different. There is some astrology talk near the end, but the bulk of this discussion centers around some of Mike’s work in his Occult Science video series on YouTube, which gives a comprehensive dissection of the belief system of the “elite”, which is based on the work of Helena Blavatsky. In his video series, Mike addresses the major differences between adept occultism, orthodox religion and mainstream scientism, and this chat serves as a nice introduction to his work.

Of course I take issue with that word elite, so we argue about that a bit too. And we also talk some about my interpretation of Manly Palmer Hall’s book “The Secret Destiny of America”.

All in all, another fun chat that requires an open mind and a Tool musical underscore.




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