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Feb 19, 2018

You picked a good time to hit the ol’ play button because we’re having ourselves a foursome for the first time. Erik Davis, Miguel Conner and Jeff Wolfe are all in the house. The basis for this chat is a couple pieces of writing Erik has done on Jack Parsons and what he calls Parsons’ magickal feminism.

Erik, of course, is a scholar, journalist, and public speaker best known for his cultural analysis and creative explorations of esoteric mysticism. He’s written about music, art, film, pop culture, and technology for Spin, Details, Rolling Stone and Wired magazines.

I had invited Erik onto the show to talk about those Parsons’ articles and was planning to tackle this solo. I even re-read Erik’s book TechGnosis, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, in preparation for this because I did want to pull some ideas out of that too. And the more I got into that book, and the more I got into Parsons and Babalon and magickal feminism, the more that this pairing here just made sense. I know Jeff is a mark for Erik’s work. Miguel is as well, in addition to being one of today’s pre-eminent Gnostic thinkers, and they both brought unique perspectives to this chat. This is, really, the three of us tag-teaming Erik, and it’s one of the better episodes I think we’ve been able to put together.






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