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Jul 31, 2017

The John Anthony West Project on Fundly

Hey yo. So I wanted to take some time here to share with you guys some information on a cause that’s near and dear to me. I assume most of you who listen to this show are familiar with the work of John Anthony West, the man who, along with Dr. Robert Schoch, put forth the hypothesis in the early 90s that the Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt, showed evidence of weathering brought on by prolonged and extensive rainfall. This is significant because that hypothesis, as one might expect, is not in line with the mainstream history of the Sphinx that most Egyptologists subscribe to. In fact, West and Schoch’s Sphinx erosion hypothesis predates the widely accepted account that the Sphinx, along with the Second Pyramid at Giza, was built by Egyptian pharaohs around 2500 BC.

Now, we’re not going to get into all of that right now, although I would love to some other time. Instead, the point of this recording is to shed some light on the personal life of John Anthony West as it stands in this moment. John was recently diagnosed with cancer and is currently fighting for his life. He is 85 years old, so you really don’t know how much time someone at that age has left regardless of disease. But the man has made such an impact on people who are into esoterica of any sort.

John has spent the last few decades raging against the quackademics, the presstitutes, the Church of Progress, and those still living in Dumbfuckistan. John has helped enlighten many, many people as it relates to our occulted history along the way. Because of that impact, and because John has much business left unfinished, there’s a number of people rallying to help him in this battle.

One of those people who has been helping raise awareness and funds for John’s battle is in the house. His name is Chris George Zuger, aka Mr. Scotch-a-Lot. Chris has helped put together a couple telethons that were broadcast live on Den of Lore, his live-streaming YouTube show/podcast.

Music courtesy Ed Liu.


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