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Jul 9, 2018

As you might expect, episode with 90 with Jasun Horsley elicited some strong reactions from some folks in the occult and paranormal community. So I invited a couple folks who heard the show and had some opinions on it to chat with me for a bonus PAW Patreon show. And those folks were Wren Collier, who blogs at, and Jerry Cthulhu, who is the co-host of the Nox Mente podcast. We covered a lot of ground in about 80 minutes, talking magic, consciousness, paranormal experiences, psychological fragmentation and a whole lot more. And be a clip from that chat. If you enjoy it, you can hear the rest of it plus all previous and forthcoming RAW episodes by signing up at the $5 level at So please do enjoy.

Apologies for the inconsistent audio quality. This was recorded via Zoom.

Wren's blog

Jerry's YouTube channel