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Jul 16, 2018

Hey yo. So, I recently chatted with my friends Grimsteak and James Cruz for a RAW bonus episode over on Patreon. You may remember these fine gentlemen as the hosts of the Cruzin With Steak podcast, which I have been on twice before. Grim and James hung out with me for more than two hours to chat about virtue signaling, UFO encounters, my ritual magic hesitations, media consumption habits, former drug consumption habits, fasting, frequency healing, doing mushrooms at the Serpent Mound and literally too many other subjects to list. And, as a way to drum up support for the Patreon but also for the Cruzin With Steak podcast, this episode is actually available for free in their podcast. So if you like how this clip teases you, you can get the whole thing by searching Cruzin With Steak in iTunes or your podcatcher of choice. I do hope you enjoy it, and I do hope you head on over their way to check out the full episode, which is linked in the show notes. Enjoy.

Full show (web version):