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Jan 29, 2019

Hey yo, so this be a clip from a recent RAW chat I had with Darryl Sloan, author of a book called I, Universe: Demolishing and Rebuilding Spirituality for a Scientific Age.

We chatted about - well, about the subjects you see in the title: consciousness, the nature of space and time, and Darryl’s view that spirituality must be rebuilt for a scientific age and why. We also touched on high and low magick, and that’s the focus of this clip.

If you enjoy it, the full-length RAW episode is available for patrons on Patreon at the level of $5 a month and up. So if you’re at $2 level, it’s easy to increase that to $5 or more, and if you’re not and want to support the show and get access to content like this, the $5 level at is the place to do that.


I, Universe on IndieBound

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Darryl’s website

Darryl’s YouTube channel