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Jul 29, 2017


So, I made a couple new friends recently. They’re named Grim and James, and they host a new podcast called Cruzin with SteakThese guys are really big supporters of the Grimerica Show, which I’d recommend checking if you’ve never heard it. Darren and Graham, who host that show, were kind enough to join me in episode 3 before I really knew what the hell I was doing here. And the community that they’ve built through their show really might be the tightest knit fanbase of any podcast in this genre that I’ve seen. And I think that’s really awesome. They’re bringing people together who have similar interests and may not have anyone in their own personal lives to talk to about certain subjects or ideas or concerns. And this Cruzin with Steak podcast has grown out of that Grimerica community. I was honored to have been asked to be a guest on their show and spend some time talking about the genesis of Occulture and some behind the scenes things about the show, and a whole range of topics, from my own personal journey to this point in my life, our problems with conspiracy theories, I throw out a couple ideas for other podcasts I wanna do, my affinity for pro wrestling comes up, and so do public boners. That is a pun, but they really come up... in the conversation. But the most important thing we talk about is love. And if there’s one thing you take from this, let it be what is said by all of us on that topic. At the very least, it’s quite a fun chat, and I gotta thank Grim and James for inviting me on, and I hope to talk to them again soon. Enjoy.