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Jan 16, 2019


Hey yo, so I was recently on a podcast called An Infinite Path, hosted by former guest and I guess a friend of mine on some level, Niles Heckman. Niles was on the show back in episode 84, and this is a great continuation of that chat, only with me in the hot seat this time. 

Although I have to be honest, this was recorded the morning after my office Christmas party, so I had a bit of the ol’ cocktail flu. I lost my train of thought a few times, so my apologies to Niles and to any of you who continue to listen to this. 

Regardless, it turned out a lot better than I remember it being as we were recording it. We talked about my influences and inspirations for this podcast, art, the occult and esoteric, occulture at-large, what I’ve taken from the conversations on this show, my growing skepticism and where that comes from, and summoning Alan Moore. 

A fun and introspective chat, with a great outro that I have to thank Niles for throwing together. Enjoy.