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Aug 30, 2018

You couldn't ask for a more dynamic personality to be in the house than Dr. Amy Hale, whose work on British Surrealist and esotericist Ithell Colquhoun is the foundation for our conversation here.

Amy is a scholar of all things occult and esoteric, and has a PhD in Folklore and Mythology from UCLA. Her research and writing ranges from contemporary Cornwall to modern Pagan and occult subcultures in the United States and the United Kingdom. She’s written about topics as diverse as modern Druidry, Cornish ethnonationalism, Pagan religious tourism, color theory, the occult, and extremist politics in modern Paganism. We’ll touch on some of those ideas and concepts throughout our chat here.

One note: Amy’s audio did have some inconsistencies in terms of volume, but I enhanced what I could, so hopefully it’s not too bad.



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  • Ithell’s interest in the convergence of color, metaphysics and space
  • The Golden Dawn’s Book T and how Ithell interacted with it
  • A concept called the cube of space
  • A concept called psychological morphology that Ithell used
  • The structure of the tarot deck
  • How Ithell incorporated her idea of feminism into the deck





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