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Nov 14, 2018

We are all the way live with this one, and that’s because we welcome an old friend back into the house. Susie Chang returns to the show to talk about her life, her journey and her new book Tarot Correspondences: Ancient Secrets for Everyday Readers.

Some of you surely know Susie as the cohost of the Fortune’s Wheelhouse podcast, which I geek out on every Wednesday. And some of you may remember her first visit here back in episode 70 with her co-host Mel Meleen.

For those who don’t know Susie, she’s a multi-talented artist and creator. Many different areas of practice and expertise, and I think that came through in the conversation you’re about to hear. And that conversation lives at the same intersection that some of my favorite chats live at: this nexus of idea-sharing, personal introspection and a healthy dose of laughter.



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  • The switch of the order/number of the Strength and Justice cards
  • Why the Golden Dawn system is still the standard bearer in tarot and Western magick
  • The Four Temperaments in the tarot
  • Finding balance in the tarot
  • Breaking down the correspondences in the Queen of Cups





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