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Jul 25, 2017

Holy gift! Nathan Lee Miller Foster, better known across the intrawebz as Occult Fan, is back in the house for an epic chat about the occult symbolism found throughout an album called Lateralus, released in 2001 by the band Tool.

Now, as it stands, Lateralus is a beautiful piece of music, maybe the most beautiful piece of music, by a band that’s revered for its hypnotic and psychedelic progressive metal sound. It is High Art, capital H, capital A.

After its release, this album became the subject of much speculation across online forums and now has a firm place in internet lore. Essentially, it was discovered that this album, Lateralus, could have its songs rearranged into a different order, and that order provided an entirely new and different listening experience, one that was, honestly, more coherent and more metaphysical, and dare I say more spiritual. Not to mention, the rather overt - and also covert - references to popular occulture, which our number one Occult Fan is going to point out for us.

Now, despite our previous episode together, this is actually the first time Nathan Lee and I spoke, so we also cover some personal stuff up front - you know, the who are you, what do you do, what sort of juju is your jam sort of stuff - and there are some tangents here and there, and a few interludes of sort. But if you guys stick around for the entirety, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

We cover a ton of ground here, including the discovery of The Holy Gift album itself, the thematic thread that runs through this rearranged album, and the symbolism found in the album artwork. This is jam-packed with everything an occult fan could want: the seven liberal arts and the Fibonacci sequence, alchemy and magic, interdimensional entities and archonic control, the kabbalah, consciousness, conspiracy theories, Coast to Coast AM and pop occulture references galore. Hell, I may even share some information with you on how to possibly jump between dimensions, and hell, Nathan Lee may even read us some fuckin’ Tolstoy, and hell, this whole thing may even loop around and spiral up and down and end where it began.

This is, honestly, one for the aeons and one for the archons.

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