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Dec 30, 2017

This time around we’re chatting with Gilbert Bates, author of a book I stumbled across earlier this year called “Love and the Three Levels of Consciousness”. Gil has authored a couple other books on similar themes, but this is the one that we focus on for the purpose of this conversation.

The book is about the three levels of the brain, the brainstem, the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex, and how early emotional trauma is registered as a painful sensation in the lower brain, the brainstem. The need to repress this pain from conscious awareness leads to a disconnection between the cognitive brain and the social and emotional brain.

Gil posits that the disconnection between these three distinct levels as well as the lack of essential input from the deeper sensing/feeling brain areas are the root cause of nearly all mental illness, and the reason why humans have so much trouble relating to each other in loving ways.

We also talk a bit about how to heal ourselves with primal therapy, which is a therapeutic theory and process invented by Dr. Arthur Janov that’s designed to take a subject deep into their social and emotional brain and clear out the traumas that affect us all in some form or another.

This book gave me some feels that I hadn’t felt before, and you’ll find out why during the course of our chat here. So let’s cast this pod off into the depths of our primal feel spot, where behind all those painful skeletons lies the uncoiled serpent they’ve been desperately trying to keep you away from.





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