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Jun 6, 2018

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Our guest this time around is a blogger who goes by the name Recluse. He’s one of the more impressive alternative bloggers in the game today, and after this one you will know why. This is a bit of a unique episode, because it’s part one of a series Recluse and I have agreed to do with each other based on some blogs he’s written about one of the lesser known and lesser discussed sources of power in times both past and present.

Some of you have probably heard of the Catholic military order known as the Knights of Malta, and after this series you’ll know more about them than you’d ever want to know. What some of you probably haven’t heard of is their connection to a host of other shadowy groups that have ties to governments, organized religions, banks, multinational corporations, intelligence agencies, killers-for-hire and mafiosos across the world.

This is the beginning of a story that brings together the church’s historical interest in the occult, population control and political subversion. It is, as Recluse has labeled it, a strange and terrible journey into the heart of the deep state.




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Vestron Vulture - “I Want to be a Robot (Tribute to Giorgio Moroder)”



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