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Sep 9, 2018

Hey yo, so I recently chatted with Alan Brunton, the CEO of a startup called Cymatrax. Alan is planning to launch an app that scrubs white noise and bad frequencies from audio files and replaces them with better frequencies. 
If you know anything about the history of the podcast here or have been a listener since its inception, you’ve probably heard me talking about experimenting with frequencies myself, which I’ve done since the jump. I’ve recorded episodes at 432, 528 and now 320 Hz, as opposed to the standard 440 or 441. And Alan is approaching this app with the same sort of mentality. There’s a long history of frequency manipulation and sound weaponization against populations, some of which we’ll get into. 
But the intent of this chat is not to delve too deep into the history or the conspiracy of this subject, but instead to focus on a practical, modern solution to a damn near undetectable problem that affects us all, whether we realize it or not. 
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